the finest optical materials

AGI maintains an extensive raw material inventory, and stocks a full range of optical materials manufactured by the world's best, most reliable suppliers, including Corning, Schott, Ohara, Heraeus, Pilkington, Tosoh Quartz, and more. We work with fused silica, fused quartz, optical glass, UV and IR materials, Zerodur, ULE, Clearceram Z, Pyrex, Borofloat 33, Supremax 33, B-270, commercial and industrial glasses and more.  We even have obsolete glass types in stock.

precision optics manufacturing

Advanced Glass Industries is one of the world's largest suppliers of precision machined optical glass blanks, molded optical glass blanks and slumped optical glass blanks. We manufacture glass blanks in prototype to production quantities, from micro to macro scale, and can hold precision tolerances. We produce lens blanks, mirror blanks, prism blanks, windows, rectangles, and unique shapes. AGI is constantly working to expand our capabilities for processing glass substrates from the difficult to the impossible.

strong relationships

At Advanced Glass, we value relationships based on cooperation, trust, and commitment. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we can provide the best value and fastest delivery of precision machined and molded optical glass blanks to our customers. We build strong business relationships with our customers by offering consistent quality products, competitive pricing, rapid quotation processing, dedicated staff, and our unique optical glass blank manufacturing capabilities.

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Used Spindle Polishing Machines


Advanced Glass Industries buys and sells used optical equipment. Contact us if you are looking for equipment or if you have something for sale.

Sphere Polishing


AGI can machine almost anything you can dream of from glass. We are always excited to partner with glass artists, and can provide custom specialty consumer products.

                          angle prism diagram


After years of work for the precision optics industry, we’ve found there’s some information we refer to again and again. We’re pleased to share this helpful optics information with you.

Molded and Machined Glass Blanks


In the demanding and constantly changing world of optical machining, there's nothing we like better than to provide you with the precision optical glass blanks you need, when you need them.